The Neverending Minute is a podcast that will break down the 1984 Classic movie “The Neverending Story” one minute at a time, 5 days a week. Join us on the adventure of a lifetime into Fantasia as we explore every second and learn more than we ever thought we could know about this wonderful piece of nostalgia.

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The NeverEnding Story, Minute 014: Rock Sommelier

In this episode we talk about minute 14 of The NeverEnding Story:

Minute 14 finally answers all our questions about this literal rock biter.
There’s a lot of love for all our characters here, even as Tierney worries that her suspension of disbelief is biasing her analysis.
Also, a snail sneezes.

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 013: Confusion Ensues

In this episode we talk about minute 13 of The NeverEnding Story:

We start today’s discussion trying to rhyme “scrutinize” with “bikes”. Yikes.
But things are looking up as we meet Thomas’s favorite character: The Rock Biter.

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 012: It’s Literally a Dark and Stormy Night

In this episode we talk about minute 12 of The NeverEnding Story:

Today we enter The Neverending Story and find ourselves in Fantasia.
The Howling Forest introduces us to four new characters: 2 puppets, Deep Roy, and Tilo Pruckner.
Thomas endorses the audiobook, read by Gerald Doyle, while Tierney just wants to know if bats really snore.

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 011: Oh No, Math Test

In this episode we talk about minute 11 of The NeverEnding Story:

Bastian’s life of crime continues when he decides to skip math class and hide out in the school attic instead.
We get our first look at where he will read “The Neverending Story”, and Thomas and Tierney share their favorite ways to settle in with a good book.

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 010: The Seduction is Complete

In this episode we talk about minute 10 of The NeverEnding Story:

Words both spoken and written catch the eye of both our hosts today.
As Coreander talks to someone on the phone, Bastian approaches the book… and begins his life of crime by stealing it.

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 009: Oh He Knows

In this episode we talk about minute 9 of The NeverEnding Story:

The seduction continues and Bastian is falling for it hook, line, and sinker.
We continue our book talk and appreciation for Thomas Hill but also get to analyze this set’s decor and witness the world’s most ineffectual hiding ever.
Then Thomas and Tierney Take a Tangent to talk about “movies by minutes” podcasts, The Godfather Minute, Italy, and the best way to learn about movie-making.

The Neverending Story, Minute 008: How to Seduce Bookworms 101

In this episode we talk about minute 8 of The NeverEnding Story:

Bastian begins to learn that there’s something special about this book that Mr. Coreander is reading
We have lots more book talk today including yet another plea to not smoke pipes in this store.

The Neverending Story, Minute 007: “I know books!”

In this episode we talk about minute 7 of The NeverEnding Story:

Bastian Balthazar Bux meets Carl Conrad Coreander and tries to prove that some kids prefer books to video games
Tune in to see if you agree with Bastian’s Book Club!

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 006: Dumpsters and Plot Developments

In this episode we talk about minute 6 of The NeverEnding Story:

The three bullies force Bastian into a dumpster and the adults in this town do NOTHING to help him, to our dismay
It’s important though because Bastian hides from them afterwards by running into a bookstore which might just turn out to be highly significant!