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Beauty and the Beastly Minute

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 72: Beast’s Castle Fights Back

In this episode we talk about minute 72 of Beauty and the Beast:

Timing and frames and animation action scenes
We note and discuss the best fighters from the mob and castle
The real damage being done and where are the suits of armor?
The Magic behind Chip’s rescue
We return and discuss more of the action at the castle fight

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 71: Mob Mentality, Music Box, and How Castles Died

In this episode we talk about minute 71 of Beauty and the Beast:

We are back! And debating about Pirate’s Booty
We take a tally of Gaston’s arsenal and talk about the weather
We discuss the mob mentality of the mob and Gaston’s motives for going after the Beast
What would happen to the servants if Beast dies? We discuss different possibilities.
What is a tete-a-tete?
The Music Box’s cameo appearance
How Canons killed castles

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 70: Chip Saves ‘em All!

In this episode we talk about minute 70 of Beauty and the Beast:

Bradley Pierce (the voice of Chip) joins us! Best known for his parts as Chip, Peter in Jumanji, and Pete in The Borrowers.
How Bradley got the part, and the expansion of Chip’s role in the film
Belle and Maurice trapped in the Cellar
We talk about the complexities of getting Chip’s gasp and the recording process
Bradley’s thoughts and feelings on the 2017 version
Child acting and the effect of being part of the film

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 69: If You’re Not With Us You’re Against Us

In this episode we talk about minute 69 of Beauty and the Beast:

Thomas Howeth joins us from the NeverEnding Minute and X-Minutes podcasts!
Gaston shows us how to light a bonfire
We wonder at Belle and Maurice’s abilities as animal owners
We talk about the villagers that are part of the mob
Gaston and LeFou working the crowd
Johnny Appleseed, ValueTale Books, Shakespeare, and Lin-Manuel Miranda
Bluecifer the Demon Horse

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 68: It’s Time To Follow Me

In this episode we talk about minute 68 of Beauty and the Beast:

We’re excited for the build up to the mob song!
Some love for Rex Everhard (Maurice)
We get some not very well thought out decisions from Belle and Maurice
The use of the mirror and animation to draw us in as part of the mob
Maurice, Monsieur D’Arque, and unspoken apologies
We look at the members of the mob and Gaston’s interactions with them

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 67: Catch Poles, Creepy Faces, and Psychiatric Treatments

In this episode we talk about minute 67 of Beauty and the Beast:

Belle meets Monsieur D’Arque and finds out why he is at her house
Dippers, Catch poles, and Paddy wagons
Angry Belle face
Gaston’s confidence, and development as a bad guy
The history of psychiatric treatment in France (wiki): More drugs, less torture
Comparing Belle’s opportunities to save Maurice

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 66: Once There Was A Snowman

In this episode we talk about minute 66 of Beauty and the Beast:

We talk about David Ogden Stiers (Cogsworth), who passed away on March 3rd, 2018
How did LeFou get into snowman form? How long could he really survive like that?
We get into the history and styles of snowmen, and LeFou’s inaccuracies.
The Nasty Towel Sound, Belle’s Mom, Maurice’s Nose.
“It’s just that… “ WHAT??
We discuss why the mob might be there for Maurice

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 65: Soul-crushing News

In this episode we talk about minute 65 of Beauty and the Beast:

We love the great foley work, especially Cogsworth!
Time comes to a standstill for Cogsworth as he learns that Belle is leaving
Cogsworth brings soul crushing news to the servants, while we admire the room
Chip is once again super sneaky and speedy
Beast’s anguished roar
Finding Maurice and the change in tone and music
Philippe’s responsibilities to his owner

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 64: Necessary Partings

Janay goes on hiatus, and Carri (The LDS Dating podcast) rises to the challenge!
Belle states her observations and Beast becomes her problem solver again
We discuss how weird it is that Belle is still considered a prisoner up to now
Belle’s lack of goodbye, and we wonder about her coming back
Is the Mirror good? Evil? It’s own character, or a tool of the Curse?

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 63: Belle’s Feminine Wiles

Belle and Beast’s awkward post dance conversation
Belle, her feminine wiles, and that dress tho…
Janay recognizes Glen Keane’s animation through gestures
Beast tries to solve Belle’s problems, and we see Maurice lose everything
The Screenplay version differences

Beauty and the Beastly Minute
Flash Gordon Minute

The Flash Gordon Minute Finale

The closing credits end. Then Brad and Eric discuss the non-existent Flash Gordon toyline, hand out Flash Gordon Minute guest awards, and reflect on the show.

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Flash Gordon Minute – Minute 107

A strange hand picks up Ming’s ring to leave us to wonder if this really is…the end? Then the closing credits begin.

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Flash Gordon Minute – Minute 106

Everyone thanks Flash, Barin is named ruler of Mongo, and Dale declares even Mongo isn’t as busy as New York City.

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The Neverending Minute

The NeverEnding Minute: Tami Stronach Interview

In this episode Thomas and Tierney interview Tami Stronach, who plays the Childlike Empress in The NeverEnding Story!

We also congratulate Tierney and Patrick on the birth of a health baby boy!

The Neverending Adventures of Thomas: X-Minutes

Thomas is back, to introduce his new podcast: X-Minutes, doing a scene-by-scene analysis and discussion of Marvel’s Mutant Movies, starting with 2000’s X-Men. 

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 094: We’re all part of the Neverending Story

In this episode we talk about minute 94 of The NeverEnding Story:

Could this be the end of The Neverending Minute?
But that’s impossible!
Pete and Alex of Star Wars Minute join your hosts for minute 94 (94) and to bid farewell to the first season of this podcast.

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 093: Listener Appreciation

In this episode we talk about minute 93 of The NeverEnding Story:

Bobby Flores (who runs Growler Media) checks in on Thomas and Tierney as they point out their last favorite names and job titles in the credits and he joins the debate of what an editorial librarian does.
Then all 3 of us take a deep dive into the posts of our listener society, thanking those who participated and sharing our favorite observations.
We also thank all our guests from the show and have a laugh over our google search analytics.
Don’t forget to tune in tomorrow to find out if this podcast truly is neverending!
Check out Bobby on Beauty and the Beastly Minute, the LDS Dating podcast, and twitter

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 092: Reviewing Our Reviews

In this episode we talk about minute 92 of The NeverEnding Story:
Tierney finally learns that “BVK” stands for in these credits… OR DOES SHE?
Thomas shouts out the casting crew that found all our favorites while we’re both obsessed with Twyla Weixl’s name.
The episode finishes out with the reading of all our reviews

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 091: Credit Where It’s Due

In this episode we talk about minute 91 of The NeverEnding Story:
Mike Carlucci is back and he has finally seen the movie The NeverEnding Story!
After guessing what the story would be about during his week of guesting, Mike tells us his impression of the film overall.
Tierney gets in a last bit of movie analysis by trying to identify these last three buildings while Thomas gives us one more crazy theory: Artax as Padme.

Check out Mike Carlucci on Return to Oz Minute

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 090: Terror from the Skies

In this episode we talk about minute 90 of The NeverEnding Story:

Super long dad joke today, Pam the social media extraordinaire, our last full minute of action, another Falkor favorite,
Falkor is into terrorizing these kids, what’s he going to do?!?, “bully radar”,
Tierney realizes it’s the next morning and finally feels bad for Major Dad,
terrified people on the street analysis, more exploration of this Vancouver location,
the physics of Falkor’s flying, synchronized dumpster diving,
Pinhead Power, our last new Alan Oppenheimer character

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 089: Bastian’s Wild Ride

In this episode we talk about minute 89 of The NeverEnding Story:
It IS Steve Lastoe, back for another day of guesting with us from The Princess Bride Minute (and the future X-Minutes podcast), He’s here to quote Hamilton with Thomas and explain why for years he had no interest in watching this movie.
Meanwhile Tierney points out that Falkor is 100% down to traumatize Bastian’s bullies.
Tune in for a terrible Canadian accent and our discovery of the BC Place Stadium as well as more favorite kids-movies-starring-kids.

Be sure to check out our guest: Steve Lastoe from The Princess Bride Minute

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 088: It’s Like The Nothing Never Was!

In this episode we talk about minute 88 of The NeverEnding Story:
Jonathan Carlisle is back for a much happier minute with Thomas and Tierney.
After hearing he’ll have unlimited wishes, Bastian decides the most important thing is to get to ride Falkor, of course.
Thomas and Tierney are thrilled to have Joanthan back to talk about how there’s always a catch with wishes, to ponder what happened to these resurrected characters when they were taken by The Nothing, and to share our top 3 kids-movies-starring-kids movies.

Be sure to check out our guest: Jonathan Carlisle from The Princess Bride Minute

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 087: Oblivious Coupling

In this episode we talk about minute 87 of The NeverEnding Story:

The hosts of The Princess Bride Minute have messed with our minds once again! Today we’re joined by Steve Lastoe who helps set us straight about how little our movies actually have in common.
According to our guest, this is the most important scene and we have a very interesting time analyzing the symbolism of the Empress giving Bastian the seed to create the new Fantastia.
Tierney’s lack of make-up knowledge is exposed as we spend another minute admiring the job that Tami Stronach did in this movie before discussing how the wishes to create Fantasia will work.
Be sure to check out our guest: Steve Lastoe from The Princess Bride Minute

LDS Dating

LD Baby

We had a baby! Hooray!

So we haven’t had time to record and publish new episodes, Sorry!

Be sure to send us your dating questions and we will answer them as soon as we’re back!

LDS Dating 031: Less-Active Fiancée?

We discuss the situation of being in a serious relationship with someone who is less active and does not want to be involved with the church.

LDS Dating 030: Friend Zone

Stuck in friend zone limbo. When he’s wanting to date, I’m unavailable. When I’m wanting to date, he’s unavailable. It’s been years! We have always just been friends. How do we finally escape the friend zone? Or should we just move on?

LDS Dating 029: Date Escape Plans and Worst Case Scenarios

In this very serious episode we start off talking about basic dating safety and having a plan of escape if you are having an unpleasant date. From there we go into the heavy topic of worst case scenarios (date rape) and how to prepare for them, so you can avoid them entirely, or when cornered put up a fight!

LDS Dating 028: The Grass is Always Greener…or is it?

Are you ready to commit and stay committed? Or should you break things off and enjoy getting to know other people? “I have a boyfriend, but someone else asked me out and I want to say yes. What should I do?”

LDS Dating 025: “I don’t know how to love”

Today we answer the question: The person I’m dating says “I don’t know how to love” What do I do? As well as some exciting news about new podcasts!

LDS Dating 023: Announcement

The LDS Dating podcast is all about YOU and your dating questions! We really need you to send in questions you have around dating so that we can keep making episodes that have value for you! For now though, we will be switching to a one episode a week format, every...
Popcorn and Pickles

Popcorn and Pickles 012: The LEGO Ninjago Movie

We review the 2017 movie “The LEGO Ninjago Movie”, starring: Jackie Chan, Dave Franco, and Kumail Nanjiani.

We discuss LEGOs in today’s age, and LEGO movies overall.

Popcorn and Pickles 010: Wonder Woman +

We discuss the review the following movies: “Bay Watch”, “Wonder Woman”, “Captain Underpants”, “Ant-Man”, “My Cousin Vinny” from 1992, and “Bad Moms”.