Growler Media

Growler Media creates original podcasts and digital content that entertain, educate, and inform listeners, without the hidden agenda.

Growler was founded in 2016 by Bobby Flores, out of a love for podcasting and helping others learn to podcast.


Why “Growler”?

We were looking for a name related to electronics, and also liked how it could also be taken as a sound reference (growling).

A growler is an electromagnet with two poles designed to test for short circuits in the windings of an armature; as you turn the armature on the growler it will make a noise to let you know when you have a bad circuit (that’s the noise at the beginning of the Growler clip on the podcasts).

That’s what Growler Media is going to do for podcasting in two ways:

  1. Making noise (a podcast/episode) about issues you should know about or are interested in.
  2. Helping identity and fix an issue with podcasting now: that too often political agendas get pushed through in entertainment podcasts, and the majority of podcasts that do talk about issues tend to all come from the same ideology, which means there is a lot of groupthink in the major entertainment and information podcasts.
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