Gaston and Lefou start dancing

Everyone joins in


Mrs. Pots, Chip and Co.

In this episode we talk about minute 30 of Beauty and the Beast:

  • Plans made to “persecute harmless crackpots like Gaston”
  • Gaston gives LeFou the ride of his life with a dance & acrobatics
  • Late night tavern citizens have questionable morals
  • LeFou is a midget- more proof that his family were most likely royal court jesters/fools
  • Maurice is sad, & no one will help him
  • Belle is crying while holding what we deem Maurice’s scarf
  • Belle meets Mrs. Potts, Chip, & the Wardrobe
  • We learn about voice actress Jo Anne Worley
  • We delve more into the theory of the energy source of the curse and how it affects those transformed- does the curse choose which things to animate, or do the cursed people-turned-objects choose what they need animated?
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