Beast and Belle

Beast Now

King Triton Bookstops

Library wide shot

Breakfast Room

Beast Eating

Kinda cute though right?

In this episode we talk about minute 51 of Beauty and the Beast:

  • Tierney the Librarian joins us from the NeverEnding Minute once again!
  • We FINALLY get to see the library; gushing and incredulity ensue
  • The Trinity College Library in Dublin
  • Beast and Belle’s reactions to the library and each other
  • What does Beast mean “Then it’s yours!”?
  • Little Mermaid easter egg?
  • We talk about Maurice, Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, and Chip, and their ever watchful eyes
  • More on Chip, and Disney Dark Age movie love
  • Belle and Beast’s breakfast
  • Kinda Cute though right?

Check out our guest Tierney Steele Callaghan on: InstagramTwitterher websiteThe NeverEnding Minute, and the Return to Oz Minute

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