In this episode we talk about minute 60 of Beauty and the Beast:

  • Bobby is joined by a special guest co-host while Janay is away this week: his brother Johnny!
  • Shout outs to Popcorn and Pickles, Star Wars Minute, Indiana Jones Minute, The NeverEnding Minute, Mad Max Minute, MoviesbyMinutes, and The Turnaround
  • We discuss why the 2017 Beauty and the Beast really just can’t compare to the 1991 version
  • I am Jacques desperate attempt to barber, and does Jacques have a brother?
  • Parallels between The Wizard of Oz characters and Beauty and the Beast
  • We talk about Beast’s grooming and clothing choices as he preps for his big date
  • Johnny makes animators cry tears of joy and pain with his discoveries

Check out Johnny on the Popcorn and Pickles podcast, Episode 11: Review of The Circle

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