In this episode we talk about minute 62 of Beauty and the Beast:

  • Janay is BACK! Gushing on the Ballroom scene and song she missed
  • We talk about the significance of blue and gold
  • CG, Jim Hillin, and the Ballroom floor design
  • Piano Vs Harpsichord, Music, and Musicians of the time
  • We show our ignorance about dancing
  • Size differences, and Belle and Beast’s silent signals to each other
  • Bittersweet and Strange on both sides
  • The Victory Clasp

A great article about the Ballroom Sequence on Cartoon Brew and some more from D23. There are also a TON of great pencil tests on Living Lines Library.

Megan The Cartoonist created our awesome artwork.

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DuoHansen created our theme music.

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