Art Contest!
We are looking for new cover art for the podcast, and want you artist out there to be a part of it!

As the winner you won’t get any fortune… but you do get glory as we will use your image as the cover art for our show, and all over the interwebs! You will be given credit and linked for the remaining 30-40 episodes.

We aren’t super creative, so we like the style used by Star Wars Minute (Back to the Future Minute, Spiderman Minute) where the co-hosts are drawn as characters from the movie. (Janay favors Cogsworth, Bobby Lumiere). Of course, you ARE creative or your wouldn’t be here, so we’d love to see your original concepts! Surprise us!

The images must be formatted for awesomeness. Minimum 1400×1400 pixels, so basically high quality and square. It needs say “Beauty and the Beastly Minute” on it, and have space somewhere for a small circular Growler Media logo to be placed.

As we’ve gone through the first half of Beauty and the Beast one minute at a time we’ve really come to have a HUGE respect for the work of animators, illustrators, and artists in general, so please put your style into the design and be sure to sign it somewhere!

Submissions should be sent to and are due by November 1st, 2017

Just to be super clear:

  • You won’t be getting paid for your art. Sorry! I know we just said we love artist and appreciate the work you do, but we just don’t have money right now! Turns out podcasting takes time and money and so far doesn’t have any monetary returns.  
  • We will have rights to the art and it’s use in publishing and promoting the Beauty and the Beastly Minute podcast and Growler Media Podcast Network.
  • The image will be used as cover art for the podcast, on related social media sites, the Growler Media site, and in merchandising.
  • You will be credited and linked (your website(s), social media, etc…) on the Growler Media website that is home for the podcast, as well as in the show notes/blog post/episode description for the rest of our episodes covering the 1991 classic Disney film Beauty and the Beast (probably 30-40 evergreen episodes/posts)
  • We will also credit you in the audio of the show itself! But we sometimes forget things we are supposed to say, so no promises on that happening every episode, but we usually do remember.
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