Welcome to Beauty and the Beastly Minute, the podcast where we analyze and discuss the Disney 1991 film “Beauty and the Beast”, one minute at a time!

This is a fun, in depth look at a beloved classic film with hosts Janay Hiatt and Bobby Flores, along with guests ranging from friends, and specialist to comedians and even people that worked on the film!

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Beauty and the Beast, Minute 59: Garden Signs, Swimming Time, and Floofiness

Blake Reilly joins us from Clerks Minute, The Blake and Sal Show, and Boy Meets Retrocast
Bunny bushes and Broadway versions of Disney
Debate on the seasons and Wardrobe
Grass sign and Ball Peen hammers
Minotaurs and swimsuits
We finally SPLASH back into the original movie!
Lumiere’s life coaching as Beast gets cleaned up

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 58: I Knew That

Why are they reading Romeo and Juliet?
Some background information about Romeo and Juliet, and William Shakespeare
Beast can’t read, and his and Belle’s reactions to that
We delve into the history of the French education system
After much deliberation, we decide on the Beast’s reading abilities
Shout out to Dark Knight Minute and Harry Potter Minute
The Palace of Versailles, and we’re still puzzling out the seasons and timeline
Joseph Hudson and the modern whistle

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 57: Cleaning the Beast’s Lair

In this episode we talk about minute 57 of Beauty and the Beast:

Which rooms are we in as they are cleaning?
The Brave Little Toaster/Launchpad from DuckTales/Dustpan
We go deep on the portrait that Babette is cleaning and make some discoveries
French military uniforms
We discuss who became all the mops and dishes
Doggoman and Throwcat

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 56: American Gothic, French Tea, British Servants

We dive in to minute 56 talking about the Wardrobe, voiced by Jo Anne Worley
We learn about the phrases “Savoir faire” and “Get down to brass tacks”
The “American Gothic” parody that Cogswoth and Mrs. Potts do, history of that painting and Grant Wood.
We’re back again to the debate on animated objects VS servants turned into objects
Addressing the goldfish in the room
The French and their history with tea
Cogsworths backstory, computer tangents, Medusa-ized by the fireplace

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 55: Knickknacks, Whatnots, and Hummels

In this episode we talk about minute 55 of Beauty and the Beast:

We realize that this is the last night of the movie! The rest of the film happens during this one night.
Further discussion on possible timelines for the story
Lumiere and Cogsworth messing with each other
We talk about the song “Human Again”
Marriage, divorce, and Lumiere in the 1700s
We meet some cosmetic characters
Knickknacks, Whatnot’s, and Hummels

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 54: I Don’t Mean to be a Hater, BUT…

In this episode we talk about minute 54 of Beauty and the Beast:

 Janay and Bobby start in on the special edition-added-back-in footage, including the song “Humans Again”
Belle and Beast finally get some alone time and we wonder if Belle knows that the servants are actually humans
The work it took to add “Humans Again” back into the original film
Janay laments the treatment of Cogsworth in this footage
 Discussion of the bonus servants

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 53: New and A Bit Alarming

In this episode we talk about minute 53 of Beauty and the Beast:

Lauryn Reid joins us to once again, and we talk about her first exposure to Beauty and the Beast.
We get into the Beast’s inner dialog and talk about what he is feeling
Belle’s state is also discussed and we get the “Barbra Streisand” story
Janay and Lauryn talk about the merits of practice, rehearsal, and mistakes, during performances
Musical motifs, Wagner, Mozart, Alan Menken, and the Music Man
Grins from the Beast, Glen Keane
The progression of Belle and Beast’s activities and relationship
We finally settle whether or not Beast can read
Romeo and Juliet, Hamlet, The Merchant of Venice, Julius Caesar, and Aladdin
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November Update

Things have been a little crazy, and here is why!

Back to our regular episodes next week!

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 52: Tangents and Fuzzy Cloak Thingys

In this episode we talk about minute 52 of Beauty and the Beast:

Lauryn Reid joins us to bring some musical expertise to the show!
We talk about the passage of time during this part of the film
Belle and Beast’s relationship, inner dialog, and uncertainties
Mood and music shifts
Where do their clothes come from? Are Belle’s dresses from previous girls? His mother? A tailor?
More clothes and colors talk