Welcome to Beauty and the Beastly Minute, the podcast where we analyze and discuss the Disney 1991 film “Beauty and the Beast”, one minute at a time!

This is a fun, in depth look at a beloved classic film with hosts Janay Hiatt and Bobby Flores, along with guests ranging from friends, and specialist to comedians and even people that worked on the film!

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Beauty and the Beast, Minute 70: Chip Saves ‘em All!

In this episode we talk about minute 70 of Beauty and the Beast:

Bradley Pierce (the voice of Chip) joins us! Best known for his parts as Chip, Peter in Jumanji, and Pete in The Borrowers.
How Bradley got the part, and the expansion of Chip’s role in the film
Belle and Maurice trapped in the Cellar
We talk about the complexities of getting Chip’s gasp and the recording process
Bradley’s thoughts and feelings on the 2017 version
Child acting and the effect of being part of the film

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 69: If You’re Not With Us You’re Against Us

In this episode we talk about minute 69 of Beauty and the Beast:

Thomas Howeth joins us from the NeverEnding Minute and X-Minutes podcasts!
Gaston shows us how to light a bonfire
We wonder at Belle and Maurice’s abilities as animal owners
We talk about the villagers that are part of the mob
Gaston and LeFou working the crowd
Johnny Appleseed, ValueTale Books, Shakespeare, and Lin-Manuel Miranda
Bluecifer the Demon Horse

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 68: It’s Time To Follow Me

In this episode we talk about minute 68 of Beauty and the Beast:

We’re excited for the build up to the mob song!
Some love for Rex Everhard (Maurice)
We get some not very well thought out decisions from Belle and Maurice
The use of the mirror and animation to draw us in as part of the mob
Maurice, Monsieur D’Arque, and unspoken apologies
We look at the members of the mob and Gaston’s interactions with them

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 67: Catch Poles, Creepy Faces, and Psychiatric Treatments

In this episode we talk about minute 67 of Beauty and the Beast:

Belle meets Monsieur D’Arque and finds out why he is at her house
Dippers, Catch poles, and Paddy wagons
Angry Belle face
Gaston’s confidence, and development as a bad guy
The history of psychiatric treatment in France (wiki): More drugs, less torture
Comparing Belle’s opportunities to save Maurice

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 66: Once There Was A Snowman

In this episode we talk about minute 66 of Beauty and the Beast:

We talk about David Ogden Stiers (Cogsworth), who passed away on March 3rd, 2018
How did LeFou get into snowman form? How long could he really survive like that?
We get into the history and styles of snowmen, and LeFou’s inaccuracies.
The Nasty Towel Sound, Belle’s Mom, Maurice’s Nose.
“It’s just that… “ WHAT??
We discuss why the mob might be there for Maurice

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 65: Soul-crushing News

In this episode we talk about minute 65 of Beauty and the Beast:

We love the great foley work, especially Cogsworth!
Time comes to a standstill for Cogsworth as he learns that Belle is leaving
Cogsworth brings soul crushing news to the servants, while we admire the room
Chip is once again super sneaky and speedy
Beast’s anguished roar
Finding Maurice and the change in tone and music
Philippe’s responsibilities to his owner

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 64: Necessary Partings

Janay goes on hiatus, and Carri (The LDS Dating podcast) rises to the challenge!
Belle states her observations and Beast becomes her problem solver again
We discuss how weird it is that Belle is still considered a prisoner up to now
Belle’s lack of goodbye, and we wonder about her coming back
Is the Mirror good? Evil? It’s own character, or a tool of the Curse?

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 63: Belle’s Feminine Wiles

Belle and Beast’s awkward post dance conversation
Belle, her feminine wiles, and that dress tho…
Janay recognizes Glen Keane’s animation through gestures
Beast tries to solve Belle’s problems, and we see Maurice lose everything
The Screenplay version differences

Beauty and the Beast, Minute 62: Bittersweet and Strange

Janay is BACK! Gushing on the Ballroom scene and song she missed
We talk about the significance of blue and gold
CG, Jim Hillin, and the Ballroom floor design
Piano Vs Harpsichord, Music, and Musicians of the time
We show our ignorance about dancing
Size differences, and Belle and Beast’s silent signals to each other
Bittersweet and Strange on both sides
The Victory Clasp