Tesla Cybertruck

First thoughts from someone in the construction industry (and an EV lover).

Whhhyyyyyy Elon?!? Why?!

Ok. It’s pretty ugly, but after the initial shock… and once the roll top came down to see that it does in fact have a truck bed, it’s growing on me. It’s kinda like a DeLorean… but hopefully it will sell better. Admittedly this is coming from a guy that has owned (and loved) both a Geo Metro and Nissan Leaf, so you can take my personal opinion of it with that particular grain of salt.


When he announced the towing/off road/work capabilities at the unveiling pretty much no one reacted, because the people there didn’t know what they were hearing or care about it, and most likely the people that care about that won’t look long enough to see the stats:

  • Range: 250+ to 500+ miles
  • Payload: 3,500 lbs
  • Towing: 7,500 to 14,000 lbs
  • 0-60 MPH in 6.5s to 2.9s 
  • Built in 110V and 220V power supplies
  • Self leveling suspenson
  • Available AWD
  • Built in air compressor
  • 16″ ground clearance
  • 35 degree approach and 28 degree departure angles
  • 6.5ft bed length, 100 cubic ft of storage
  • Cold-rolled stainless-steel body

As someone in the construction industry, I really don’t expect to see these lined up on job sites anytime soon, unless it is for budgeting or marketing reasons. That is a HUGE shame because truck buyers are used to the idea of dropping $40k-$80k on a new truck! You’d be amazed how much money is sitting in the parking areas at my job sites everyday, and these are the everyday Joes that can justify it as a business/work expense, not the California elite. Added to that, most of them would be saving hundreds of dollars a month on fuel! I regularly hear of guys spending $250-$500 per month to fill up their trucks.

I just don’t see too many average truck lovers buying a Cybertruck. These guys (and gals) love their trucks; they love the looks, the status, the utility. They loving being able to customize and make a truck their own. For many, a truck is not just to get from A to B, it is where they spend their work days and weekends, it is their mobile office and workshop, the grocery getter, and the family vacation vehicle. They want something that fits their needs and that they can be proud to show off, and I just really think they are going to be so put off by the Cybertruck’s design that they aren’t going to care about how well it would fit their other truck needs.

Would I get one?

If I were in the new truck market, probably yes… but again, I’m in the Geo Metro / Nissan Leaf / DeLorean (hopefully someday!) tribe, and a huge Tesla fan. I just don’t think I could pass up on the tech, capabilities, and fuel savings of the Tesla Cybertruck. For those that doubt the truckworthiness of my opinion, I do also own a 98 Ranger and 7.3 turbo diesel Excursion, so I do love myself a good truck that’s not afraid to get worked and take a spin in the dirt now and then.

I just wish for once Elon had gone a little more conservative in his design. Hopefully he proves me wrong!

I’ll poll the troops on the job sites for the next few days to see what the feedback is from the truck faithful, but so far responses from the guys up at 5AM are less than encouraging:

“I’m going to have to wait for the Ford F-150 Electric”

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