Growler Media Presents: A Geppetto Studios Production

Escape From New York Minute celebrates and analyzes the 1981 dystopian classic Escape From New York one minute at a time. New episodes of the podcast are posted three times per week.

The Escape From New York Minute crew is Eric Deutsch (co-host and co-producer), Molly Bailen (co-host), and Brad Mendenhall (co-producer).

Tune in to hear us talk about Snake, Cabbie, The Duke, Brain, Maggie, and the President; along with John Carpenter’s incredible directing and ‘80s synth soundtrack, the classic performances, bleak location sets, weird escape pods, cars with chandeliers on the hood, eye patches, and the movie’s incredible behind-the-scenes backstory.

Plus, Eric and Molly welcome great guests every week, including cult film aficionados, writers, and fellow podcasters.

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Bonus: Nicholas James Interview

Nicholas James has a long career in sound that includes a lot more than being the foley editor on Escape From New York. He joins Eric and Molly to discuss the interesting way he got into the industry, Terminator 2, Starship Troopers, Total Recall, and the differences of working on foley, sound effects, and dialogue editing.

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