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Escape From New York Minute celebrates and analyzes the 1981 dystopian classic Escape From New York one minute at a time.

The Escape From New York Minute crew is Eric Deutsch (co-host and co-producer), Molly Bailen (co-host), and Brad Mendenhall (co-producer).

Tune in to hear us talk about Snake, Cabbie, The Duke, Brain, Maggie, and the President; along with John Carpenter’s incredible directing and ‘80s synth soundtrack, the classic performances, bleak location sets, weird escape pods, cars with chandeliers on the hood, eye patches, and the movie’s incredible behind-the-scenes backstory.

Plus bonus content like interviews with Oscar-winning cinematographer Dean Cundey, actor in the Broadway show scene (and voice of Squidward!) Rodger Bumpass, and foley editor Nicholas James, and discussions about the opening deleted scene and the trailer.

So sip your cup of Chock Full O’ Nuts coffee with Eric and Molly as they welcome great guests every week, including authors, professors, fellow podcasters, and even the inventor of the official replica Lifeclock wrist watch.

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Escape From New York Minute – Minute 98

Escape From New York Minute – Minute 98

What’s the difference between craft services and meals? What’s it like living near a location shoot? What future New York Met appears in the end credits? Listen to this episode to find out.

Guest: Daniel Gehen, the Chock Full O’ Nuts contest winner

Escape From New York Minute – Minute 95

Escape From New York Minute – Minute 95

The President plays the all-important tape for the all-important summit, but it turns out Snake swapped it for swing music. Then the movie fades out and the end credits begin.

Guest: Alex Thompson

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