Growler Media Presents: A Geppetto Studios Production

Flash Gordon Minute is a minute-by-minute breakdown of the 1980 sci-fi classic Flash Gordon. New episodes of the podcast are posted three times per week.

Flash Gordon Minute is hosted by Brad Mendenhall (The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast, Minute of Darkness) and Flash Gordon fan/expert Eric Deutsch and produced by Jarf Harden (Co-Founder of Geppetto Studios).

Tune in to hear us talk about the classic performances, amazing costumes, stunning sets, incredible backstory, and, of course, the epic soundtrack by all-time great rock band Queen.

You need more? Brad and Eric welcome great guests every week, including cult film aficionados, actors and fellow #moviesbyminutes podcasters. We welcome all fans to join us on this incredible journey!

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Flash Gordon Minute – Minute 15

The rocket makes it into space. Flash and Dale enjoy some snuggle time. Guest: Eric Jack Nash

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Flash Gordon Minute – Minute 14

Flash and Dale fight back against Zarkov. The fight causes the rocket to take off.

Guests: Jessa Lowe and Murren Kennedy

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Flash Gordon Minute – Minute 09

Munson decides he wants no part of flying in Zarkov’s rocket. Back in the plane, the pilots are very confused.

Guests: Rachel Gatlin and Adam Sheehan from TNMT Minute