Drew began a career in sales when he was 21, he took a “summer sales” door to door selling home security in Seattle WA. where he was the top first year sales rep for Firstline Home Security.
After Firstline unexpectedly filed bankruptcy, Drew recruited a team and managed an office for Icon Security. The next year, He led Icon Security’s company in pre-season sales.
After his run in door-to-door sales he started working for a Utah Food Manufacturer “The Nutty Guys” in Salt Lake. The owner proposed he take the product to a new territory outside of Utah so he opened Nutty Guys of Houston and lead the company in outside sales and distribution of products from 2010-2012. He came back to Utah to take on a new role as a traveling salesman for The Nutty Guys and managed the Western States from Los Angeles to Denver where he helped sell accounts, train distributors, etc.
Eventually the recession took it’s toll on The Nutty Guys and they were forced to sell the business which lead to more problems and they changed owners again and eventually closed their doors. During this time Drew was referred to a Utah ISO selling merchant services to businesses and he has worked in the B2B space ever since 2012.
He currently manages an office with his brother Paul and has been the #1 sales rep for SpotOn since he started full-time in August 2019.

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