The Neverending Minute is a podcast that will break down the 1984 Classic movie “The Neverending Story” one minute at a time, 5 days a week. Join us on the adventure of a lifetime into Fantasia as we explore every second and learn more than we ever thought we could know about this wonderful piece of nostalgia.

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The NeverEnding Story, Minute 059: Bashing Bastian

In this episode we talk about minute 59 of The NeverEnding Story:

Things have gone too far: Thomas’s favorite song is being distorted, books are being thrown about in front of Tierney, and the snow is SO FAKE.
But at least we can all agree that Atreyu seeing Bastian in the mirror as his “true self” gives us a lot to talk about.
Rick and Julia travel one more time from the baking sun of Australia to the snowy tundra of Fantastia to debate the lessons of this movie.

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 058: In Soviet Fantasia, Mirror Find You

In this episode we talk about minute 1 of The NeverEnding Story:

Rick and Julia of Mad Max Minute are back to watch Atreyu discover the Mirror Gate, talk about the trouble with navigating Fantasia, and witness Tierney dropping some book knowledge that blows Thomas’s mind.
We also create one of our darkest theories yet for where this sudden blizzard came from.

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 057: Falkor’s Flu Shot

In this episode we talk about minute 57 of The NeverEnding Story:

Engywook reports that Atreyu’s continuing on his quest while Falkor receives a shot from Dr. Urgl.
There’s something to make everyone uncomfortable: juicy vitamins, debating how many puppeteers died at the hands of this giant needle, and the mere mention of magical eczema scales.
Rick and Julia Ingram are back this minute to help us understand luckdragon medical care and wonder what we’re going to see at the second gate.

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 056: Welcome to Laser Town

In this episode we talk about minute 56 of The NeverEnding Story:

Julia and Rick of Mad Max Minute are back to watch Atreyu attempt to pass the sphinx gate.
Wolfgang Peterson “does his zoom in thing”, everyone is sweating buckets, and we all learn that “be confident” equals “run really fast”. Speaking of buckets… hang on Engywook, you’re going for a ride!

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 055: How Green Screen Was My Valley

In this episode we talk about minute 55 of The NeverEnding Story:

It’s a new week with new guests but the same reactions to these sphinx statues.
Thomas and Tierney welcome Rick and Julia of to continue the debate of how one gets through this gate and to discuss what Tierney considers the absolutely most terrifying, worst, scariest bit of this whole movie!

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 053: Talking Death with Donnie

In this episode we talk about minute 53 of The NeverEnding Story:

The black knight does not make it through the gate and we do not make it through this minute without plenty of controversy.
Did the horse get away? Where does one get a lance like that? Is this Star Wars or not? Does Engywook have a heart? And did this whole minute set Atreyu up to fail?

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 052: Compensational Lance

In this episode we talk about minute 52 of The NeverEnding Story:

Thomas and Tierney are joined again by Donnie of the MGT podcast and we have a lot of fun coming up with backgrounds for both this black knight approaching the Sphinx Gate and for Engywook.
As Donnie points out, this is a heavy minute if you question his entire hobby of studying the Southern Oracle.

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 051: The Prop We All Want

In this episode we talk about minute 51 of The NeverEnding Story:

Brilliance abounds as Thomas, Tierney and Donnie talk about the observatory set and the telescope (which definitely doesn’t work but we still all want one).
Engywook totally admits that he’s just using Atreyu for his research but also gives us some great exposition about how this is only the first gate–which you could probaby get around pretty easily if the whole point of the quest weren’t obviously to go through.