The Neverending Minute is a podcast that will break down the 1984 Classic movie “The Neverending Story” one minute at a time, 5 days a week. Join us on the adventure of a lifetime into Fantasia as we explore every second and learn more than we ever thought we could know about this wonderful piece of nostalgia.

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The NeverEnding Story, Minute 049: T.G.I.Falkor

In this episode we talk about minute 49 of The NeverEnding Story:

Kathleen Mocklin is back for another day of appreciation for the Falkors of the world.
We get a little deep talking about the emotional impact of this movie over our lives but also get the giggles and geek out over a very proud female doctor.
Speaking of doctors… check out and support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 048: The Princess Bride Crossover

In this episode we talk about minute 48 of The NeverEnding Story:

Today we meet Patricia Hayes as Urgl, learn how NOT to address your spouse from Engywook, and debate how weird it really is to go visit your parents in your childhood home after you’ve grown up.
Kathleen Mocklin confirms that doctors and dentists do not get along and that everyone loves Noah Hathaway.

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 047: Good Luck Will Find You

In this episode we talk about minute 47 of The NeverEnding Story:

It’s good to have a friend as Thomas and Tierney reach the midpoint of the movie.
Atreyu decides to trust Falkor and our guest Kathleen Mocklin inspires a new podcast idea with Tierney.
Much talk of Sydney Bromley and dental services in Fantasia round out today’s episode.

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 046: Nine Thousand Eight Hundred and Ninety One

In this episode we talk about minute 46 of The NeverEnding Story:

This minute is full of life lessons: always travel with a luckdragon, it’s a jerk move to “well actually” your friends, and it’s NEVER ok to watch someone sleep.
Also Falkor makes a dad joke that of course only Thomas catches.
Guest Kathleen Mocklin talks about her work for the amazing Cystic Fibrosis Foundation

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 045: Talk of Sleep Talk

In this episode we talk about minute 45 of The NeverEnding Story:

Kathleen Mocklin joins us to share her love of Falkor and the 25 puppeteers and Alan Oppenheimer who brought him to life.
We (along with Atreyu) worry that Falkor might be a creep, but by the end of the minute everyone’s on board with this leveled up mount.

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 044: Falkor Friday

In this episode we talk about minute 44 of The NeverEnding Story:

Ryan Clarey of Minute of Darkness joins us one more time to talk ALL about Falkor. (Well, also about Alan Oppenheimer and luckdragons both real and imaginary.)

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 043: The Limitations of Making a Dog Fly in 1984

In this episode we talk about minute 43 of The NeverEnding Story:

Gmork comes so close but Atreyu is saved at the last moment by the creature we know to be Falkor.
Spoiler: the effects do not hold up. But there’s still a lot for Thomas, Tierney, and our guest Ryan to love as we thwart Gmork, visit the attic, and finally clean up Atreyu!

The NeverEnding Story, Minute 042: The Return of Doctor Brad Rad Ryan

In this episode we talk about minute 42 of The NeverEnding Story:

Thomas and Tierney help Ryan Clarey of Minute of Darkness get through a traumaticing minute in which Gmork hunts “Mud Boy” Atreyu in the Swamps of Sadness.
Thomas cracks open the secret of these cool clouds in which a white streak appears just when all hope seems lost.