In this episode we talk about minute 86 of The NeverEnding Story:

  • This minute is so packed that we just skip right over the part where Jonathan Carlisle staged a coup against his Princess Bride Minute co-host Steve to get to guest today.
  • Tierney expresses her anger over Bastian’s naming choice for the Empress because she grew up thinking the whole point was to not know her new name.
  • The boys try to make it better by introducing her to the idea of Barbara Reading Bux who just had a cute nickname from her husband.
  • Then Bastian takes us to the Empress only for Thomas to break out in problems!
  • Tune in if you love talk of gravitational pull, light sources, and have always wondered what happened in the book. (Hint: It’s totally different from this!)

Be sure to check out our guest: Jonathan Carlisle from The Princess Bride Minute

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