The People Behind the Podcasts

More likely than not we prefer to be behind the mic, but if you want to get to know who the voices you listen to really belong to, here are the awesome individuals that are part of Growler Media

Bobby Flores

Bobby is a serial entrepreneur, founder of Growler Media, podcasting host, and producer. Known to most as a “fixer”, you are just a likely to find him rebuilding a blown head gasket or remodeling a bathroom as you are to find him building a website or editing podcasts.  He and his wife Carri have 3 children and live in the Land of Enchantment.

Bobby is a co-host on Beauty and the Beastly Minute and the LDS Dating podcast.

Janay Hiatt

Janay is a professional voiceover artist in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  Janay is interested in all things related to performing. She loves theatre, karaoke, country dancing, hula dancing, acting, set, prop, and costume design. She also enjoys reading, serving in her church, and cooking.

Janay is a co-host on Beauty and the Beastly Minute

Thomas Howeth

Thomas is a sound engineer and electronics technician who finds great joy in figuring out how things work.  Southern California born and raised on 80’s pop culture, he now resides in Maryland and loves any chance to wax nostalgic about the good ole days before editing took over his life.
Thomas is the producer and co-host of The NeverEnding Minute


Tierney Steele Callaghan

New Englander Tierney Steele is a 3rd generation librarian and 1st generation pop culture junkie. When she isn’t analyzing movies and tv shows she keeps busy running half marathons and writing novels that may or may not ever get published.

Tierney is a co-host on The NeverEnding Minute

You can check out her website or hear her on her other podcast Return to Oz Minute

Carri Flores

Carri has a Bachelors of Science degree in Family Studies from BYU. She has a passion for relationships that is rivaled only by Cookie Monster’s love for cookies (which she also loves). She spends most of her time taking care of her and Bobby’s 3 children, but you’ll often find her reading books and blogs, giving relationship advise, or trying her hand at a new confection.

Carri is a co-host on the LDS Dating podcast

Eric Deutsch

Eric is thrilled that he found a way to combine two of his passions – his former career as a news radio reporter and being a huge sci-fi fan. One of his earliest memories is seeing Flash Gordon in a theater as a five-year old, and it made a big impression on him. He likes to hang out with his wife and two sons; brag about his alma mater, the University of Wisconsin-Madison; quote Seinfeld; and sing along to the Beatles.

Eric is a co-host of Flash Gordon Minute.

Brad Mendenhall

Brad Mendenhall is the Host/Co-Founder of The Cosmic Geppetto Podcast, a Pop Culture Show dedicated to Positive & Inclusive Conversation of Everything Geeky.

Brad’s first foray into the world of Minute By Minute Podcasting was Co-Hosting The Minute of Darkness, a discussion of Sam Raimi’s Cult Classic ‘Army of Darkness.’ Now he’s back with his new friend Eric to talk about the Amazing Music, Astounding Visuals and Awesome Fun of 1980’s ‘Flash Gordon.’

Follow what Brad is up to at or on Twitter at

Lety Hodges

Lety is a globe-trotter in her own right. Upon finishing her high school studies, she took off for an experience in the United States Air Force. During her service, Lety, an accomplished pianist and vocalist, traveled our planet performing for troops and dignitaries alike as a member of the touring group ‪Tops In Blue‬. After 4 years, she transitioned to civilian life.

Today, Lety enjoys her work as an air traffic controller at the world‘s busiest airport. She is the biological mother of three and overall mother to six. Lety & John have been married since 2011.

Lety is a 3x Ironman, loves the color blue, and enjoys spending time doing research for and editing Popcorn & Pickles.

Lety is the Producer and co-host of Popcorn and Pickles

John Hodges

John is a Stay-At-Home Dad of six (5 boys, 1 Princess)…so far. Before realizing his true calling in life as a Father, he studied at the University of North Carolina at Asheville majoring in Mass Communication and Drama. Immediately following, John began his graduate studies at the renowned University of Southern California School of Cinema-Television in the exclusive Peter Stark Producing Program. John took a sabbatical from his studies for a few years and transferred to Regent University’s School of Communication & The Arts, leaving Hollywood in his rear-view mirror. There John studied and worked on several award winning student films projects, and four ABC Family productions; and was instrumental in securing Academy Award nominated actor Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi – ‪The Karate Kid‬) for a high profile student project. John went on to complete his Master of Arts in Communication with an emphasis in Producing for Cinema & Television.

In 2012, John was forced to medically retire from the workforce. Today, he spends his time home schooling his children and enjoying as many movies, tv shows, and cartoons as time will allow. His favorite color is purple; his favorite Muppet is Dr. Bunsen Honeydew, and his all-time favorite tv show is Rick & Morty. John is a co-host on Popcorn and Pickles